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At ENGLAND Insurance we understand that your home is your largest personal investment. Protection of your investment is our business.



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      General Home Insurance Information

      We all love our home and work hard for it. The reality is that some people consider home insurance an extra annual expense and do not really consider it a necessity. Most people usually take out a home insurance policy as a form of security for their bank, to cover their loan in case of damage to their house. However, the fact is that a home insurance policy is essential for various reasons and insuring your biggest investment is of the utmost importance.

      Unlike cars, where their value depreciates every year, houses typically increase in value over time. Having a home insurance policy in place should be at the top of your priority list to protect that investment. This is not mandatory but it does take care of potential misfortunes, whilst providing you with peace of mind and the assurance that in case of any sudden and unforeseen eventuality, your financial status will not be affected.

      We invite you to take this opportunity to let us guide you within the comfort of your own home.

      Call us on +356 21 25 10 15 to arrange an appointment.

      We pride ourselves in offering top quality home insurance within the local market and we promise to deliver;

      1. A professional one to one service
      2. A prompt claims service
      3. A Guaranteed superb package to suit your requirements.

      Note: Special Discounts apply for Mapfre Middlesea Shareholders, Senior Citizens over 60 or if you opt to insure your car with us.

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      Automatic Home Emergency service

      The most innovative element of our Home policy is that it provides you with a 24/7 Emergency Repair Service to secure your home and prevent further loss or damage occurring following an emergency as a result of one of the following occurrences:

      · Sudden or unexpected breakdown or damage to piping, leaks from sanitary fixtures and fittings and fixed water installations within your home;
      · Complete failure of the electrical supply within your home as a result of a fault or damage to the internal electrical installation;
      · Your home being made insecure or if entry is impeded due to loss or theft of keys or damage to locks as a result of theft or any other accidental cause or in the event that a member of your household may have locked himself/herself in a room; or
      · Breakage of glazing to external windows or doors which renders your home insecure.

      The policy will cover the cost of the callout and labour that is necessary for the emergency repair up to a maximum of 2 hours labour and the amount of €200 for each incident and a maximum of 3 interventions during any one period of insurance.

      In the event of any of the above occurrences, policyholders may reach our 24/7 Call Centre on +356 2248 0205.