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MotorMax is an innovative product that is designed for young drivers aged 18 to 30. In addition to our normal comprehensive cover and list of benefits

MotorMax focuses on the promotion of safe driving. Safe drivers benefit from an additional discount of up to 30%. This discount is in addition to our maximum of 70% no claims discount and is based on 3 pillars of driving performance :-

1)     Mileage driven

2)     Use of vehicle between midnight and 04:59

3)     Driving within speed limits

MotorMax operates by means of a telematics device (similar to a GPS) installed in your car to record your driving performance. The results are also recorded to a mobile App installed on your smart phone. This device will

* Help locate your vehicle in the event of theft
* Notify our call centre in the event of a serious accident who will then dispatch relative roadside assistance.
* Should the insured person fail to answer their phone, an ambulance will also be dispatched.

It is important to note that we can never view anyone’s particular driving data or location (except in the case of theft or a bad accident), but only aggregate data at the end of the policy period, to determine whether discounts apply.

Roadside assistance is free with this product.

We believe this is a great way to promote safe driving and education on our roads and also offer significant cost savings.


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Multiple Vehicle Discount   Y Y
No Claims Discount   70% 70% 70% 70%
Introductory Discount    Y Y
One or Two drivers only        Y Y
Increased Excess Discount        Y Y

Other Discounts (one)       
Home Insurance  Y Y
MSV Life Savings Plan    Y Y Y Y
Middlesea Shareholder    Y Y
Proffesional Indemnity    Y Y Y Y
SME / Commerical policy    Y Y Y Y


Standard cover       
Personal Accident  Y Y
Medical Expenses  Y Y
Breakage of Glass    Y Y
Use of motor trade    Y Y
Legal Assistance      Y Y
Loss/ Damage to Personal effects     Y Y
Emergency Overnight Accomodation      Y Y
Entertainment Equipment      Y Y
Loss of car keys    Y Y
30 day cover within EU      Y Y
Replacement vehicle during repair    Y Y
Full replacement value cover    Y Y
Automatic Protection of NCD  Y Y
Towing in Malta and EU  Y Y

Protected No Claims discount  Y N
Earthquake Cover      Y Y

Claim Damage       
Third Party Damage  NIL NIL NIL 100
Fire Damage    NA 60 60 100
Fire and Theft Damage    NA 235 235 100
Own Damage (Driver 18-20)        585 100
Own Damage (Driver 21-24)      235 100
Own Damage (Driver 25+)        60 100